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BTEC in Information Technology

The BTEC is a fairly new qualifications in the UK, and the letters stood for Business and Technology Education Council. These vocational qualifications in nature, which means that the emphasis is on employment and gain skills for the workplace. They also can be used to obtain a place at university, because they are roughly equivalent to A Level. You can do BTEC in a variety of subjects. There are three BTEC qualifications are available, called BTEC Nationals:

      * BTEC National Award
      * BTEC National Certificate
      * BTEC National Diploma

(It is doubtful, however, that the person interviewing you for a job will know the difference between the three!)

BTEC National Award for IT

There are six units in this qualification, and take all six is equal to one A Level. The values of Pass, Merit, and the difference. A BTEC National Award with Distinction value is like getting an A. A Level

The BTEC National Award for IT takes 360 hours to complete. This is called Guided Learning Hours. The focus is on skills for the workplace, and the curriculum developed in consultation with the employer. That means you'll get the training that is designed to provide skills that employers seek.

Learning to BTEC National Award in IT involves taking two core courses worth 60 Hours Guided Learning, and 4 other units to form the 360 hours. Each unit will be worth 60 hours.

Core Unit

      * Communication and employability skills for IT
      * Computer System

Other units

There are more than 50 other units to choose from, and we will not list them all. Here are some, though, to give you an idea of things you can learn.

      * Information Systems
      * Advanced Database Skills
      * Advanced Spreadsheet Skills
      * IT Systems Analysis and Design
      * Client Side adaptation of Web Pages


BTEC National qualifications are intended as a way to get your key skills you need in the modern world of work. Because they are compiled with the help of employers, they can be a route to get a decent IT career. If you are not interested in getting a job with a computer, or any job at all, it might be better to leave them on the shelf. If you are planning to go to university, whatever your age, then the BTEC National Award can really help. As long as you get a Distinction, which is!
      * Maintenance of Computer Systems
      * Principles of Software Design and Development
      * Installation and Upgrade Software
      * Digital Graphics and Computers
      * Computer Animation
      * IT Technical Support
      * IT Systems Troubleshooting and Repair

Scale average time to BTEC National Award in IT is about 1 year.

The BTEC National Certificate

You need to take 12 units to obtain this certificate. If you do, it is seen as roughly equal to two A Levels. Once again it's Pass, Merit, and the difference in the end. But this time the letters twice (PP, MM, or DD)

Taking all 12 units is 720 hours of study, so double the commitment for the BTEC National Award. Roughly the same subject, but your specialist skills to get more depth. Now there are four core units, but:

Core Unit

      * Communication and employability skills for IT
      * Computer System
      * Information Systems
      * Impact of Use of IT systems in Business

Other units remain the same, but you may want to specialize in something. Once again, each unit is worth 60 points, and you can take a maximum of eight units.

Scale average time to BTEC National Certificate in IT is about 2 years.

The BTEC National Diploma

18 units must be taken to BTEC National Diploma. If you get a diploma, you will have the equivalent of three A Levels. The letters three times to Pass, Merit, and Distinction (PPP, MMM, or DDD).

For the BTEC National Diploma, you will be doing the core of six units, worth 60 hours each.

Core Unit

      * Communication and employability skills for IT
      * Computer System
      * Information Systems
      * Impact of Use of IT systems in Business
      * Organizational Security System
      * E-Commerce

Another very special unit now, and you are allowed to take up to 12 of them. Each unit is 60 hours. In total, you will need to 1080 Guided Learning Hours before you will get a BTEC National Diploma.


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